Dear IREDES members,

Hereby I would like to inform you about the major activities during 2013 and our plans for 2014.

After a concentration on the completion of explosives charger and shotcrete application profiles in 2013 we will in 2014 enhance our standard marketing activities and start new technical activities which I would hereby like to put up for discussion.


Technical Activities 2013

Our two engineers (Mateusz Korczynski and Michal Kozminski) who took over the technical standard administration as part time activity in late 2012 have come up speed very well and are highly motivated in their tasks. This is shown by significant results like the completion of the explosives chargers profile which was discussed for a long time and has been completed during 2013.

Work with the shotcrete application profile has been started in 2013 and was completed in autumn of the same year. This gives us the complete coverage of the drill-and-blast working cycle now!

At the same time the device tracking profile was already used in a number of applications. All these profiles we need to officially release now.


Publications and Standard Marketing Activities 2013

As you were aware of we started in 2012 to modernize the livery of the IREDES standard logo (see above) and also the web site. This work continued in 2013:

  • A publication in „Mining Magazine” January/February 2013
  • Renewed Internet website

Furthermore we worked with the CIM Global Mining Standards Group (GSMG). On the KOMTECH conference Poland IREDES was represented visually by a marketing rollup as well as by a conference paper.


Technical Activities 2014

The following technical activities we are currently planning for this year:

  • Drafting of a machine maintenance profile. The goal is to have the equipment communicate any kind of maintenance status and upcoming service needed.
  • Finalization and possible release of the messaging / work orders profile
  • MineTronics GmbH is nearly finished with development of a JAVA based IREDES reference software implementation for central systems. This allows custom applications to easily handle IREDES profiles. Originally designed for the MineTronics server systems, this software will be provided to the IREDES initiative free of any royalties for future use to carry out compatibility and compliance tests.
  • As the underlying XML schema technology made significant advances since IREDES was created we also need to start drafting an IREDES 2.0 architecture with as small changes as possible due to compatibility issues. The main changes we would like to see is a simplification of extending a profile by the use of links to external schemas.


Marketing Activities 2014

For 2014 we currently plan the following activities:

  • Representation on the CIM show in Vancouver together with the Global Mining Standards Group (GMSG) of the CIM
  • IREDES will be part of a communications paper on the CIM presented by MineTronics; Unfortunately all standardization related papers (not only ours but also the one's from the GMSG) were rejected by the conference program committee
  • Representation on the “High Performance Mining” (AIMS) conference in Aachen, Germany (June 11./12.). On this conference an entire session is dedicated to Process Optimization in Mining where we also have a confirmed IREDES paper
  • Representation on the KOMTECH conference in Poland in November 2014

In addition to those events, marketing material of IREDES will be available through the CIM GSMG on the SME and Expomin events.

In addition, different publications are already being prepared; One in the underground communication coverage of the “International Mining” magazine in April 2014, second in the “GeoDrilling International”.

Thank you very much in advance for your valued input and comments to our plans and activities! Please let us especially know about:

  • Your input to the technical program
  • Your proposals for further marketing activities

or any other proposals you may have!

Best regards

Christoph Mueller

IREDES chairman

Putzmeister is now the associated member of IREDES!


For over 30 years Putzmeister has been designing, developing and producing concrete spraying equipment for rock-support in tunnels and underground mining. The experience acquired over these years together with ongoing investment in research and development have made Putzmeister a leading company in this field of application. The spraying range is complemented by low profile concrete mixing and transport equipment.

The main components of Putzmeister concrete spraying equipment, spraying arm, concrete pump, chassis and control software, are designed, developed and produced in-house. Headquartered in Madrid with a worldwide distribution and service network, Putzmeister Underground provides a quick and efficient after-sales service. Worldwide warehouses guarantee the availability of spare parts at the moment they are needed. Putzmeister´s technicians are certified as ‘Nozzlemen’ by EFNARC (European Federation for Specialist Construction Chemicals and Concrete Systems) to train operators in the proper and efficient use of shotcreting equipment, increasing the productivity and working life of the equipment as well as operator safety.

The IREDES office is waiting until the 17th of January for comments and suggestions about Concrete Spraying profile. The draft is available for registered users in the member's download area.