XSD validator for IREDES allows validation of XML messages (envelopes) exchanged in M2M communication.


Please paste content which ought to be validated against IREDES schema definitions.

Default content produces errors for demonstration purposes. Content is preserved between submit.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LT:IRLTPPerf xmlns:IR="" xmlns:LT="" xmlns:opt="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" C:\Users\minetronics\Desktop\m201204-iredes\ApplicationProfiles\MachineProfiles\LT-LHD_V1.0\LHDTrucks.xsd" LTPPerfVersion="V 1.0" LTPPerfDownwCompat="V 1.0" IRVersion="V 1.3" IRDownwCompat="V 1.3"> <IR:GenHead> <IR:FileCreateDate>2015-04-16T14:06:33.00</IR:FileCreateDate> <IR:IRversion DownwCompat="V 1.3">V 1.3</IR:IRversion> </IR:GenHead> <IR:SiteHead></IR:SiteHead> <IR:ReportId></IR:ReportId> </LT:IRLTPPerf>


You can integrate this service into your application (assuming it has access to the Internet). Read more here.

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