OPC UA Companion Specification Mining

As mentioned in our last newsletter we are working together with the OPC UA mining working group of the German mechanical industry Association (VDMA) to publish a OPC UA companion specification for the BAUMA 2022. This process has reached a new phase and all IREDES members are invited to review and comment on the current state of the information model and the accompanying companion specification document. You can find the companion specification draft as well as the current information model in the working documents section of our member area at https://iredes.org  To comment on the CS draft please download the Microsoft Word document and use the comment function. Once you finish revising please save the document naming it e.g. _rev_XY and send it to ccibis@iredes.org you can provide your feedback until December 7^th 2021. Our goal is to use your feedback to raise the quality of the model. Possible questions to answer the following:

  • Does the model (ObjectTypes, Objects, and DataTypes) represent the IRtypes.xsd, IRappBaseClasses.xsd and the LHDTrucks.xsd correctly? Apart from the fact that we are using one single model. This includes modeling rules..
  • Are you able to instantiate the ObjectTypes?
  • Do you recommend changes in the representation of the IREDES profiles?
  • Is there missing anything?

We would appreciate your feedback very much!

Please note that these questions exclusively cover the representation of the IREDES information in OPC/UA formats. The content also in the future is maintained by IREDES to assure that IREDES XML and OPC/UA remain content compatible. Should you have comments to the content like the parameters used and their meanings please contact us!