Status of the IREDES specific part of the OPC UA companion specification mining

In January and February 2022 we continued our work on the OPC UA companion specification mining together with the German Machine Builders Association (VDMA), The intention was to have it ready for the BAUMA 2022 which took place in Munich from 24th to 30th October. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources at VDMA, this had to be postponed. On 15 March, we had a meeting with the VDMA to discuss the collaboration process of last year. Since then, external OPC/UA specialists are involved and we have just finished incorporating all the changes into the draft that were requested after review of the OPC//UA specialists. As there also are changes needed in the IREDES nomenclature, later we will come back with proposals to our IREDES members on how to incorporate them into coming versions of IREDES. This will assure that the IREDES content is covered by OPC/UA and OPC/UA is a transparent carrier for IREDES defined content.