IREDES saves cost
by eliminating most of the individual interface programming for machine data exchange

IREDES speeds up
“data acquisition” projects and IT integration of underground equipment

IREDES enables
process optimized and real time coordinated mining operations

IREDES enhances
the comparability of equipment

IREDES secures
investments in software development by re-use of interfaces developed once

IREDES simplifies
development of mining equipment and assures connectivity

Benefits of joining IREDES

Joining the IREDES initiative gives you a number of benefits:

  • You have full access to the standardization procedure and technical work going on in different workgroups
  • You are able to work with the technology already before it is officially released
  • You are able to influence the technology and the content used for future standard releases
  • You do not need to develop individual data interfaces
  • You have the possibility to add new items and workgroups for equipment or applications you are working with

For joining IREDES, you have two choices determining your influence on the IREDES work and the annual membership fee you are paying:

  • Full membership
  • Associated membership

The full membership gives you a seat in the IREDES member board, the uppermost decision body of the IREDES initiative. Thereby you are able to influence the strategy and general roadmap of the standardization.

The associated membership gives you full access to the technical work (exactly as the Full membership) but no influence on the IREDES member board level. This results in a reduced annual membership fee.

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