Purchase IREDES documents

The IREDES standard is developed by members from the industry who pay annual fees for organization and marketing of the standarization work. Therefore, the IREDES standard releases are accessible free of charge for members only.

Non IREDES members can buy the IREDES standardization documents from the IREDES office.

The price is EUR 750,00 / USD 816,60 + bank fees for the electronic documents containing the XML schemas and the printed standard documentation in .pdf format.

Please send your order including all required invoicing information by email or fax to the IREDES office. The fax number is: +49 5485 8301 58.

After we have received your formal order, we will email you the documents as a .zip archive.

IREDES implementation services

If you would like to implement IREDES information exchange for your machines or IT systems, get support from the people who know best: IREDES offers implementation consulting and software services basing on existing and reliable components. Contact us for more information!

IREDES compliance testing

Ask the IREDES organization for an independent compliance test of your equipment or IT systems. We do a formal checking of your data sets as well as a content approval within a related consulting. The creation of an “IREDES compliance” label is under preparation as well as the implementation of an automated formal compliance check via the IREDES web page which will be offered free of charge for IREDES members.

IREDES short courses

When it comes to the use of the new standard, questions arise like “how can we use the standard” or “how can we start implementations”. To transfer this know how into your organization, the IREDES initiative offers shot courses and expert training.

The courses will be carried out by an IREDES professional at your premises.

A one day short course includes all basic information for both management and experts. It includes:

For managements and experts (abt. 2hrs):

  • Introduction in the IREDES standard
  • Applicability and benefits

For IT / automation experts (abt. 5-6hrs):

  • Standard architecture
  • Implementation
  • integration into the individual products and IT-infrastructures

Participating experts should have good IT background and basic understanding for XML based technologies.

On demand the courses can be extended or customized to your individual needs.


EUR 980,00 for non-IREDES members

EUR 880,00 for IREDES members.

Travel expenses to be charged separately.

For booking and closer information please mail to the IREDES office.


Get discount on the commercial IREDES offerings and get the standard documents for free by joining the IREDES initiative. Additionally, you have instant and full access to all technical work. Joining IREDES is not necessarily more expensive tan buying the standard documents!