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IREDES is a global non profit initiative founded by major players in the mining and construction industry for development and maintenance of a practice related standard. It is jointly financed by the members on a cost sharing basis.

The “International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard” (IREDES) makes mining equipment and underground worksite computers talk to central IT systems. Within a real-time process optimized mining environment, IREDES thereby conforms the standardized electronic language used by all the computers to talk to each other.



Let's check list of available profiles, profiles under ongoing development and planned projects.


Any time, new application profiles and equipment profiles can be added without affecting th already existing components. The implementation effort can be kept at a reasonable level.



development of mining equipment and assures connectivity.


investments in software development by re-use of interfaces developed once


the comparability of equipment


process optimized and real time coordinated mining operations

Speeds up

“data acquisition” projects and IT integration of underground equipment

Saves costs

by eliminating most of the individual interface programming for machine data exchange

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