IREDES: Standardized Information Exchange for Interoperability

Workshop in Sudbury, June 15, 2018 in cooperaton with GMG (Global Mining Guidelines Group)

The workshop gives an introduction into the IREDES standard and it's universal usability for information exchange in the mining industry. The participants first learn about the general aspects, applications and benefits of the standard before they learn how standardization of information exchange works in practice by creating their own small profiles during the day.

The workshop also shows that information exchange not only needs IT experts but also mining specialists to discuss and standardize the content. During the workshop the attendees will create their own small new profile so they are "ready to participate" in the standardization work. Especially the participation of non IT specialists is needed as all information needs to be used somewhere - a matter IT people cannot decide on!

Participation is free for IREDES members, non members are able to attend at a small fee

Simply register by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



09:00 - 09:15 Introduction

09:15 IREDES in general, Presentation
- Background, Status, Benefits

09:45 Areas of application and interest
Group work with the participants about:
- Applications covered today

- Where else standardized information exchange is needed ?
- What features are required ?


11:00 Business Benefits
Presentation about stakeholders and their benefits incl. user report and benefits of unified reporting


13:00 Universal Usability
This part of the workshop is to show how easy it is to create a new standardized profile. The participants take an example the second session and try to create a profile by setting up the mining specific content

13:45 IREDES inside: Abstracted Architecture and Profiles
This presentation shows how mining specific content is transformed into a computer processable "IREDES profile". Topcis covered are: Structuring the content, Communication of profiles, examples of use, automated IT level processing

14:15 Make it alive: How to use IREDES
In the last active part of the workshop the participants learn how their newly created content can be implemented into an IREDES profile without being a programming specialist: The content is transformed into an computer readable XML schema by using graphic tools.

15:30 Discussion and final remarks

16:00 End of Workshop

We are happy to announce that Strayos joined Iredes as associated member in May 2017.

Strayos is a computer vision 3D aerial intelligence platform for Mining and Quarry blasting operations to reduce cost, improve productivity and safety by providing highly accurate survey data analytics. Strayos proprietary software increases mining company ROIs by automating tasks, directly reducing overhead and enabling enterprises to make actionable decisions from drone data. Strayos eliminates the need for expensive laser scanners for Mine and Quarry blasting operations and utilizes drone data through it’s proprietary 3D photogrammetry software. Multi view stereo engine turns the massive imagery data into orthorectified 3D graphical models. Using machine learning algorithms on each graph points it predicts the hole depth, diameter, and 360 degree view distance from bench cliff to the face of excavation. With this approach it is possible to provide near real time 3D analytics, predicting efficient and accurate blast patterns while significantly decreasing delivery time and improving safety measures.

Strayos Logo

Strayos (formerly AirZaar) website is

As it was announced earlier, we have Iredes Messages Validator on our website.


Validator works in such a way, that you need to upload example XML file. It automatically looks up for appropriate xsd file (thanks to schemaLocation attribute) and outputs result of validation.


XML editor