IREDES is now participating in the ISO standardization work in ISO TC82 / SC8 "Advanced Automated Mining Systems", a long-term initiative to unify norms needed for Digital Transformation in the mining industry. The work already done and ongoing in IREDES will be an essential input for the upcoming work item of information exchange.

In IREDES we would now like to prepared thoroughly for that by accelerating the review of the current profiles within IREDES 2.0. Therefore we would like to invite for a workshop dedicated for Drill Rigs specialists to review and update the standardized content of the Drill Rigs profile.

The workshop will be performed during week 47 in Scandinavia. Details can be found under the following link: link

For IREDES members the workshop is free of charge, non-members can participate against a small fee.

For details write an e-mail to our technical officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

IREDES and interoperability also will be the main topic in digital transformation on the APCOM conference next year. Submit abstracts now at!

On the well-known APCOM for series of conferences, a lot of innovations were "born". APCOM stands for "Applications for Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals Industries". On the APCOM 2019 conference, one scientific track will be Standardization and Interoperability.

The Call for Abstracts is now open! All IREDES members are asked to submit abstracts around the use of the standard and implemented applications. Also, the IREDES office will present papers on the use and setup of the standard.

APCOM 2019 website

We are happy to announce that Strayos joined Iredes as associated member in May 2017.

Strayos is a computer vision 3D aerial intelligence platform for Mining and Quarry blasting operations to reduce cost, improve productivity and safety by providing highly accurate survey data analytics. Strayos proprietary software increases mining company ROIs by automating tasks, directly reducing overhead and enabling enterprises to make actionable decisions from drone data. Strayos eliminates the need for expensive laser scanners for Mine and Quarry blasting operations and utilizes drone data through it’s proprietary 3D photogrammetry software. Multi view stereo engine turns the massive imagery data into orthorectified 3D graphical models. Using machine learning algorithms on each graph points it predicts the hole depth, diameter, and 360 degree view distance from bench cliff to the face of excavation. With this approach it is possible to provide near real time 3D analytics, predicting efficient and accurate blast patterns while significantly decreasing delivery time and improving safety measures.

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Strayos (formerly AirZaar) website is