Working Documents

Here you find all IREDES standard working documents for download. These are draft documents not intended for use in implementations as their content may change during the ongoing discussions.

Comments to these documents are welcome and need to be directed to

Please note: Starting with the new IREDES Machine Status and Maintenance Status profile, the IREDES documentation is set up in a new format very similar to the ISO standard documentation structure in order to assure an easy later conversion to ISO documents.

specimen copy of the IREDES specific part of the OPC UA companion specification mining in different file formats.

Draft VDMA 40568-1_2023-10_(en).docx

Draft VDMA 40568-1_2023-10_(en).pdf


IREDES – drill rig profile – update proposal 20191006

IREDES environment profile

Work order – draft v0.2

IREDES Machine Status and Maintenance Status Working Draft

IREDES 2.0 general part (draft)