Members Welcome!

Welcome to the IREDES member area. In this area you find everything needed to participate in the IREDES work and to download the following:

  • IREDES draft standard documents (working documents)
  • IREDES released standard versions (standard documents)

The standardization in IREDES in general covers the following steps:

  • Idea and discussion about a new standardization topic.
  • Member board decision if the topic involves forming a new workgroup.
  • Setting up a discussion draft proposal and discussion in the related workgroup.
  • Publishing the new document for download as an IREDES internal “Request for Comments”.
  • Proposal modification and new discussion until a mutual agreement can be reached.
  • Carrying out prototyping projects.
  • Release by the member board.

In practice we were not forming working groups for new proposals since the Drill Rigs initial setup. Instead, proposals for new work items have been made after which we called for a draft meeting.

For new work items please contact the IREDES office!