Since January 01 2021 IREDES has a new full time Technical Officer taking care of all the IT related aspects of the IREDES standard: His name is Christoph Cibis, he is M.Sc. in Information Technology graduated from the RWTH Aachen in Germany. Christoph is already introduced in the matters while actively working with the VDMA to implement OPC/UA as a carrier medium for IREDES standardized information(See:IREDES-To-OPC/UA)

Of course, Christoph is not a mining professional so when it comes to the definition of mining related content he still will need the qualified support of the IREDES member community.

Christoph also takes care of the IREDES member communication and the related IT platforms.

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Right now we are working together with the OPC UA Mining working group of the German mechanical industry Association (VDMA) on publishing a companion specification for OPC UA for the BAUMA 2022. Currently we are developing a converter that will be able to transform IREDES XML data into a OPC UA compatible format to assure formal consistency of the IREDES defined content with the OPC/UA transport. We will be releasing the prototype of this application at the beginning of April. The first profile transformed into an OPC/UA specification will be the current LHD/Truck equipment profile